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With years of experience in manufacturing chemically tapered filament products, PSF knows what it takes to produce the highest quality paintbrush filaments. Our goal is to continue to meet and exceed customer expectations.

PSF is more committed than ever to production of paintbrushes and filaments that provide consistent performance, superior painting and longer brush life. The stiffness of our PBT filaments are unaffected by water, easy to clean and out-last natural bristles. The “wave” tapered filaments are designed to hold more paint for greater painting efficiency.

Straight and Wave Tapered
Models S152025-6080100, WS 152025-6080100, WM 152025-6080100, WL 152025-6080100


Standard (mm)

Tolerance (mm)

Diameter (a)

0.15, 0.20, 0.25


Filament Length (11)

60, 80, 100


Tapered End (12)



Tapered Tip (b1)

< 0.036


Peak to Peak (13)

4, 5, 7



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